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Why Voorhees Benefits from our Investment in Training and Equipment for Restoration Services

9/25/2019 (Permalink)

Let SERVPRO show you why with our workmanship in your Voorhees home.

We know what it takes to get your Voorhees home back to normal the correct way.

Property emergencies come in all shapes and sizes in Voorhees, which is why our roster of local technicians undergo comprehensive training in the restoration of water, fire, mold, and storm-related damages. SERVPRO technicians gain qualifications from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) body to ensure they have the right acumen to deal with each property emergency individually and tailor an efficient approach. Should you discover property damage in your home, the first thing you should do is reach out to SERVPRO, and arrange a visit from one of our professional restorers.


Adverse weather conditions can have lasting consequences for residential properties and their owners. Usually, restoration services involve the temporary repair of structural deficiencies as well as carrying out several vital mitigation procedures to control the extent of the damage. Temporary repairs can help to prevent rainwater or debris from pouring into the property as well as securing it against trespass or otherwise unlawful access if you are temporarily relocated. 

The next step for SERVPRO is to prepare the site for the necessary restoration services. Removing large volumes of water from the property is essential to preventing water logging or natural materials like wood becoming overloaded with moisture and expanding. By removing the pressure on the infrastructure of your home, we can then take a more measured approach to the drying process which can take significantly longer in flooded properties due to the effects of water migration across a larger surface area. 

Homeowners with storm damage in their Voorhees home may require third-parties to repair certain parts of the home. SERVPRO can perform deodorization, sanitization, and mitigate against potential damages of the property while third parties are sought. We can act on your behalf, using trusted Voorhees-based contractors and engineers to ensure that you only have to deal with one company, throughout the restoration service. Once your home has been returned to its preloss condition, our restorers can handle your paperwork for a stress-free claims process.   


Mold remediation requires expertise to find and address the source of the problem as well as to sort through salvageable and non-salvageable materials. Although mold damage in your Voorhees home can be harmful to your health, it is more likely to create unsanitary conditions in your home, including musty odors and unpleasant visible signs on furnishings, walls, and ceilings. Our process is designed to overcome microbial growth issues by working to remediate the source of the problem and prevent it from coming back.

SERVPRO technicians are trained in a water restoration as well as applied structural drying. Both these qualifications come in useful when remediating mold issues because they are focused on drying methods. Mold, like all microbes, rely on water to survive. By removing the source of water, we can prevent mold from growing overnight during operation or several months down the line. To access these damp spots, our technicians may need to remove items restricting access, including assessing your drywall and other porous materials.

Removing structural contents from the affected area may be necessary to allow access underneath carpets, in fittings and other crevices. These gaps can be prime culprits in causing mold growth because they retain moisture. Once the area is dry, SERVPRO can replace the removed items of your Voorhees home and perform vital mitigation techniques to reduce recurring issues. These may include repainting walls with anti-microbial paints, professionally disinfecting key areas, and treating both sides of carpet with biocide using pressure sprays.


The main challenge facing homeowners with fire damage in Voorhees is to control potential losses without risking further expenses. Housefires are tricky restoration services to carry out because there are several factors at play. The types of material that combust as well as the temperature, air pressure, and humidity all have a role to play in the extent of damage caused. Since combusting materials undergo composite changes as well as chemical reactions, a professional, trained restorer is essential in all fire-related incidents. 

SERVPRO is a restoration service based in Voorhees that understands that no two fires are the same. We conduct pre-tests of materials and analyze the composition of soot and smoke residues. During the testing phase, we can conduct auxiliary checks on your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC.) HVAC circulate air which makes them likely to imbibe hot smoke or soots. Without careful inspection, these systems can quickly work against restoration procedure by spewing out soot or smoke after rooms have been restored.

If you would like to help with the process, a SERVPRO can direct the restoration service but may need to operate on walls, appliances, or fittings alone to prevent secondary damages. Odor particles can often linger on after soot or smoke residues have been cleared away. Our technicians are equipped with a full range of vaporizing solvents, spray-on deodorants, and even advanced Ozone generators to prevent malodors from becoming a lasting issue after a house fire in your Voorhees home.


Comprehensively drying your property is the core goal when restoring water damage in your Voorhees home. Odors are more prominent in humid, moist conditions as well as the likelihood of microbial growth. The principle of drying is to create a fluid motion of air that encourages evaporation. In enclosed properties, a lack of airflow is what allows moisture pockets to develop and slowly but surely cause damage to your infrastructure, contents, and fittings. 

We use air-movers to allow circulation into areas that lack natural air movement to speed up the complicated drying process. There are two types of air-mover, centrifugal and axial air movers. Generally speaking, water cleanup operations use centrifugal air movers because they create more air-pressure and therefore have a more significant impact on the drying process. In some cases, we may deploy axial air movers when rooms or items benefit from a slower, gentler drying procedure, but this is only the case in a small percentage of our water restoration services.

Encouraging evaporation naturally creates a more humid environment. In overnight restoration services, SERVPRO can deploy dehumidification equipment to prevent the affected area from becoming too humid- which can lead to troublesome microbial growth issues- or the surrounding air becoming overloaded with moisture and slowing the drying process. During the procedure, SERVPRO technicians can take regular measurements of the relative indoor humidity using thermo hygrometers. By taking regular measurements, we can adapt dynamically to the changing humidity levels in your home and ensure the drying process is as efficient as it can be. 

SERVPRO of Haddon Heights / Voorhees invests into training and equipment that allows our restoration services to stay ahead of the curve. Contact us for professional cleanup of fire, mold, water or fire incidents at (856) 566-3388.

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