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How Can I Prevent a Dryer Fire?

8/9/2020 (Permalink)

taken out dirty lint filter from a dryer SERVPRO Says Clean Your Lint Filter Before Each Drying Cycle to Help Prevent Fires in Your Haddon Heights Home

Residential Fires in Haddon Heights Often Occur Due to Situations That Could be Prevented – Taking Precautions is Important

Keeping your Haddon Heights home safe from fires may not always be possible. However, many fires are preventable when a few safety precautions are put in place.

What Causes Dryer Fires?

There can be various reasons that a dryer catches on fire, including faulty wiring or overheating. Over one-third of these fires is a result of lint buildup. This problem can result in the need for fire damage restoration in Haddon Heights. There are things that can let you know you may have a lint problem such as your clothes take longer to dry, or your dryer seems to be overheating.

Preventing Dryer Fires

The best course of action is to be aware of what you should do and things to avoid to ensure your dryer works efficiently and safely. These include the following:

  • Do not use your dryer without the lint filter in place. Clean your filter after drying each load of laundry. If it becomes clogged, have a professional clean it.
  • Do not operate your dryer when you are away. It may be tempting to toss in a load of wet clothes before heading out the door but do not do it. If something does happen while you are home, you will know it immediately. If it occurs while you are out, your entire house could go up in flames.
  • Do not overload the dryer. Dryers need to ventilate correctly to dry efficiently. Overloading can cause an excessive amount of lint to build up and block the ventilation.
  • Have SERVPRO inspect your venting system to ensure there is unobstructed circulation of hot air
  • Blockage of Ducts can be cleaned by our technicians

 Sometimes no matter what you do, a fire can occur. When that happens, our team can provide emergency fire mitigation services to help you recover. Contact SERVPRO of Hadden Heights / Voorhees at (856) 566-3388 for expert fire damage restoration service.

I Think There Is A Mold Issue at My Voorhees Gym, How Can I Tell?

8/9/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing up a white wall in a building Mold at your business needs to be cleaned up quickly and correctly in order for your business to reopen. Contact SERVPRO for remediation service.

SERVPRO Will Inspect Your Voorhees Business and Execute a Plan for Rapid Mold Remediation

Mold spores are present just about everywhere, but you never want to have them fester within your business space. When there is excess moisture in your Voorhees gym, flooding, or another type of water leak that does not get resolved quickly, it can turn into a breeding ground for mildew and mold. There does not have to be a great deal of water present for the spores to colonize. Many buildings will have a certain amount of mold present in bathrooms or other wet spaces.

The good news is that not all mold instances will call for the help of professionals to handle mold remediation in Voorhees. The spores will grow in a variety of wet areas, such as portions of your gym that may not have proper ventilation. You may also notice that you have colonization within the locker rooms by the showers, or in the sauna or steam rooms. The key is maintaining your business regularly so that you can keep mold from showing up.

If you are still unsure if there is mold present in your Voorhees gym, our mold inspection team can visit your business to take a look. We have the training necessary to help us find serious issues with mold, and we can then put together a detailed plan to mitigate the problem for you.

What Are Some of the Signs I Should Look For?

Should you discover one or more of the following signs, it is better to call in the help of our mold removal technicians at SERVPRO:

  • If you notice mold beginning to grow within your facility. With the various kinds of mold, some could be more harmful than others. Our team can determine the type of mold and then work to eradicate it safely and efficiently before it turns into a more significant issue.
  • If you have had a water leak that has been going on for a day or longer. Mold never needs much water to colonize, but it is imperative that you address a water leak sooner than later. Addressing any leak, regardless of how big or small, can mean salvaging flooring, walls, carpeting, ceilings, and other contents of your gym.
  • If you notice any sort of condensation building up on the inside of windows throughout your gym. This can be enough moisture to create the perfect atmosphere for mold to begin growing indoors.
  • If you detect a moldy or musty odor. This may be especially strong whenever the doors and windows are closed up.

What Can I Expect During the Mold Inspection Process?

If you suspect mold within your business, we send out a team within as little as four hours of your initial call. This is an issue that must get addressed quickly, and we get to work with the evaluation right away. There are a few common steps that we take to ensure that the result is that your gym is mold-free.

  • SERVPRO conducts a visual inspection. This helps identify the presence of fungal propagation.
  • We use moisture meters, hygrometers, and thermal imaging camera technology to locate any excess moisture within the building. 

Many mold issues stem from a burst water pipe, improper ventilation, or a slow leak hidden behind walls. Once the visual inspection wraps up, we then collect bulk samples from the building along with tape lift sampling and air samples. This allows us to determine the type of mold that is within the building. We then formulate a plan for mold mitigation that will enable us to eradicate it from your gym.

For mold removal efforts, we want our customers to know that each scenario is different. We realize that your commercial gym calls for individual attention, so we adjust our methods and cleaning techniques accordingly. Our process for mitigation generally includes the following steps:

  • The initial call and deployment of our Green Fleet of vehicles loaded with the latest equipment and mold remediation products.
  • Full inspection and assessment of mold damage.
  • Protocols for mold containment.
  • Air filtration to help remove spores from the air within the building.
  • Mold removal and disposal or cleaning of mold-infested materials.
  • Thorough cleaning of surface areas and contents within your gym using powerful EPA-registered cleaning agents and sanitizing products.
  • Complete the restoration as necessary to wrap up the project.

Due to the potentially harmful health effects that mold can have, this is never a situation where you want to wait before addressing an infestation. Additionally, DIY methods alone will rarely get you the level of clean that proven mold remediation by trained technicians provides.

SERVPRO of Haddon Heights/Voorhees is here when you need reliable mold mitigation at your business. We are Faster to Any Size Disaster, and you can reach us 24/7 at (856) 566-3388 for a mold assessment.

SERVPRO Helps Haddon Heights Homeowners Address Flood Damage Conveniently

7/22/2020 (Permalink)

Flood in a house with furniture floating SERVPRO of Haddon Heights / Voorhees has the right resources to handle any flooding incident, “Like it never even happened.”

How does storm flooding differ from regular water damage in Haddon Heights?

If you have never deal with flooding from a storm, you may expect it to be the same as handling a common water leak since both involve significant amounts of water. However, a flooding situation presents more challenges. SERVPRO has IICRC certified Water Restoration Technicians in Haddon Heights that can help resolve such an incident conveniently.

What exceptional problems should I look out for after flooding?

When dealing with flood damage incidents in Haddon Heights, you should expect:
    •    Deep contamination
    •    Widespread water intrusion
    •    Profound soiling of items or materials

Most water spills in the house originate from water supply pipes or appliances. Since the water is clean or mixed with detergents, food remains, and other regular materials, you do not have to worry about contamination. Flooding, on the other hand, involves sewage backups or intrusion of groundwater into the house introducing a wide array of contaminants into the house including:
    •    Agricultural or industrial chemicals
    •    Bacteria and other disease pathogens
    •    Biohazards such as raw sewage
    •    Heavily soiled water

What is the best way to handle contamination?

Elaborate decontamination procedures are necessary to restore sanitary conditions in your house after flooding. Our SERVPRO technicians clean and disinfect non-porous materials. For porous ones such as carpets and drywall, removal is the only option since it is difficult to decontaminate them fully.

When cleaning contaminated surfaces, we start by pre-cleaning the area to remove soils since organic matter can neutralize the potency of disinfectants. We then apply the disinfectant over the affected areas to destroy the contaminants.  In most cases, products require at least 10 minutes of exposure at 68°F to be effective.  Rinsing and drying the property helps complete the process.

SERVPRO of Haddon Heights / Voorhees has the right resources to handle any flooding incident, “Like it never even happened.” Call us any time at (856) 566-3388.

There Is Mold In My Art Studio In Voorhees, What Can I Do?

7/14/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing on wall Because mold remediation is never a job to take lightly, our team at SERVPRO of Haddon Heights / Voorhees is here to help.

SERVPRO Offers Reliable Mold Remediation Services to Safely Clean Your Voorhees Commercial Space

When you have an art studio that relies on bringing in customers for painting classes, the last thing you want is downtime. Once a pipe develops a hidden leak, mold growth then becomes an issue that you cannot ignore. SERVPRO is available for prompt, efficient remediation services to ensure your Voorhees art studio is safe and functional once again.

How Does SERVPRO Address Mold?

After you call us for mold remediation in Voorhees, we send out a crew equipped with EPA-registered cleaning agents and trusted techniques to get the job done. Because mold and mildew infestation can cause health effects, we work quickly to start the cleanup process. We will carefully:

•    Address Moisture Problems – We pinpoint the exact cause of excess moisture because this is what mold needs to grow. Should you have recurring moisture problems, you may want to think about added ventilation in your art studio.
•    Isolate Areas Where Mold is Present – Any area with mold must be isolated before demolition to avoid cross-contamination.
•    Removal or Disposal of Absorbent Materials – Any porous items impacted by mold will have to be removed for cleaning or disposal.
•    Mold Remediation – Our crew can remove affected porous materials, such as drywall. This gets followed up with the cleaning of other surface areas with anti-microbial sprays.
•    Air purification and Drying – Thorough drying is elemental with mold remediation services. Our team utilizes dehumidifiers, air movers, and air scrubbers to bring the relative humidity levels down while ensuring that particulates are removed from the environment.

Because mold remediation is never a job to take lightly, our team at SERVPRO of Haddon Heights / Voorhees is here to help. Call us 24/7 for emergency restoration services at (856) 566-3388, and we send out a crew within hours.

What are the Stages of Professional Fire Damage Cleanup Services for My Haddon Heights Home?

7/9/2020 (Permalink)

Fire blazing of the windows of a home. Let SERVPRO help you through the smoke of your Haddon Heights home.

SERVPRO techs can perform any size fire loss cleanup and restoration in your Haddon Heights home

After a fire happens, there is always a need for cleanup. Even a small-scale fire can leave behind smoke residues and strong odors. If repairs happen, the odors can remain within the property and spread via foot traffic or the ductwork in the home to areas where no damage occurred whatsoever. That is why it is essential to engage professional services to handle fire loss and ensure the odorous particulate gets neutralized. Hence, it has zero potential to affect any other part of your Haddon Heights home. The standard methodology goes like this:  

  • Removal of charred items and building materials that are a loss
  • Extraction of water used for extinguishing the fire
  • Testing and removal of smoke residues
  • Cleaning of restorable items and structural elements
  • Odor control applications and preparing for repairs

After the Fire Damage Restoration Services, How Can I Make My Home Safer?

After fire damage restoration happens in your Haddon Heights property, one of the first thoughts many homeowners have is, "How can I avoid this situation again?"

Fortunately, there are many actions you can take to limit the future potential for fire loss in your home. While no property can be 100% insulated from fire occurring, some steps you can take to minimize it include:  

  • Talk with your insurance agent about fireproofing methods that can work to benefit your homeowner's policy
  • Replace mattresses manufactured before 2007 as they do not meet current fire safety standards
  • Incorporate fire-resistant plants around your home such as French lavender, red monkeyflower or sage
  • Invest in an environmental monitoring system that reports elevations in moisture or temperature
  • Do monthly walkarounds and look for overloaded outlets and improper usage of extension cords

Do Spray-On Deodorizers Work to Remove Smoke Odors?

After the charred building materials and contents get removed, and the smoke residues get wiped away using the professional cleaning agents, some odors may remain. If this is the case, SERVPRO techs have a host of different applications to use within the structure to neutralize odors at the source. Over the counter, spray-on deodorizers may cover the smell for a short time, however until the soot particles get eliminated, the scent will continue to return over and over. 

From start to finish during this type of cleanup, it is common to see machines known as air scrubbers running. They capture airborne particles, including ones too small to be seen by the human eye and work to improve the overall air quality before the more robust odor control applications get applied as needed. 

The techs can inspect the ductwork throughout the home and determine if the smoke scent is resident and if the ductwork needs cleaning to render it odor-free. 

One of the most frequently turned-to methods is a thermal fogger. This small device uses a solvent that gets heated until it becomes a fog. The technician then releases it throughout areas where smoke odors remain. The fog works precisely as the air does during a fire. During a fire, hot air expands, and when it does, soot particles get pushed into porous items, making them difficult to remove. In many cases, the solvent pushing its way into a porous object and eradicating the soot particle at the molecular level is enough to eliminate on-site fire odors. 

Who Repairs My Home After a Fire?  

SERVPRO technicians are conscientious to work within the scope of insurance coverage and communicate with both the adjuster and homeowner to ensure nothing out of coverage gets performed. Once the restoration services complete, the crew chief goes over the mitigation efforts undertaken with the homeowner and/or the adjuster. They also make a note of any repairs or rebuilding that needs to occur to sufficiently bring the home to the same condition as before the fire happened. 

With their general contractor license #HIC #13VH01276600, the techs can offer reconstruction services that range from rebuilding gutted rooms to the installation of all types of flooring or painting over walls where sealant got applied to eliminate soot odor. Since finding a contractor to begin repairs can be a stressful activity, using one service for both the remediation and rebuilding is a smart move because it saves time, and the techs already know exactly what needs to get repaired. 

When your home needs fire damage restoration, do not hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Haddon Heights / Voorhees at (856) 566-3388. The certified technician has comprehensive training handling all types of fire loss and restoring your home and contents to their preloss condition using their advanced equipment and cleaning method.

Can My Haddon Heights Home Look Like It Did Before It Flooded?

6/25/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in home After a flood or any other disaster here or in Runnemede, call SERVPRO of Haddon Heights / Voorhees at (856) 566-3388 today.

Yes, SERVPRO Can Make Your Haddon Heights Residence Look Like Home Again

Storms are more frequent this time of year, so the risk of flooding increases for every home in our community, bringing additional problems. Unlike a burst pipe or hose, flood water brings in dirt and a bit of everything else it flowed over before it enters your Haddon Heights home.

How Does SERVPRO Get Rid of the Water and Repair My Home?

Our first action to reduce and eliminate the effects of flood damage in Haddon Heights is to remove the water. SERVPRO technicians use a variety of commercial-grade pumps and other extraction devices to remove the standing water and any that might be trapped in wood flooring, carpets, and other surfaces. Quick removal stops the property from absorbing more water and allows evaporation to begin.

How Does SERVPRO deal with the Damage That Already Happened?

Our team members perform an inspection and immediately remove property that cannot be restored, such as carpets and paper goods soaked in the floodwater. While carpets can be thoroughly dried, we cannot guarantee they are clean enough to use again.

As they complete disposal, other technicians wipe down every restorable surface with cleaners designed to neutralize health risks and reduce the possibility of mold growing in your home later in the year. Cleaning also removes remaining traces of water, which allows paint and other veneers on furniture to dry evenly, returning surfaces to their regular appearance.

Is that All that is Needed to Restore my Home?

Not quite. SERVPRO also uses a collection of fans and heated air devices to carefully force moisture out of sofas and paneling like drywall to halt the damage. It is not a quick process, but it can save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

After a flood or any other disaster here or in Runnemede, call SERVPRO of Haddon Heights / Voorhees at (856) 566-3388 today. We are here to put your home and life back on track.

Can Items of Mine That Got Coated in Soot After My Haddon Heights Fire be Saved?

6/11/2020 (Permalink)

Fire and soot damage to several walls in a room. Call SERVPRO after a fire in your Haddon Heights home, our crew will help you through the process.

For Fire Restoration in Haddon Heights Call SERVPRO

If an inferno ever starts inside your house in Haddon Heights, the smoke coming from it can cause damage to building materials and contents that are far away from the blaze's source. When smoke contacts cooler surfaces, it solidifies in the form of soils and soot residues.

How can you clean my possessions that got coated in soot?

During fire restoration in Haddon Heights, our SERVPRO crew can utilize a variety of techniques, tools, and chemical products to prevent your building materials and contents from being discarded and replaced. Cleaning items of yours that got negatively affected is the most cost-effective way of restoring your structural components and possessions. When cleaning soot-coated items, we always follow the basic principles of cleaning while utilizing the elements of cleaning at the same time.

Principles of Cleaning

  • First, our technicians locate all of the soot residues present by carefully inspecting your entire structure.
  • Next, we identify the types of residues present based on the kinds of materials that got burned in the fire.
  • We then identify the types of surfaces that got affected so we know what techniques will work best.
  • Then, our team can take steps to capture and remove all of the residues present.
  • Finally, we dispose of the residues in sealed plastic bags so that no soot can spread during the removal.

Elements of Cleaning

  • Temperature: Since heat can increase the speed of chemical reactions in chemical products, we always use an appropriate temperature depending on the type of cleaning solution and the material being cleaned.
  • Agitation: We can use towels, brushes, or air and water pressure to agitate soiled surfaces and dislodge the residues.
  • Chemical Action:  Many cleaning products use chemical actions to remove soils such as dissolving, emulsifying, bleaching, or oxidizing.
  • Time: Some chemical products require different amounts of dwell time to work effectively.

Cleaning soiled building materials or contents after a fire burns in your house in Runnemede or Somerdale is a job best left to the professionals. For assistance, call SERVPRO of Haddon Heights / Voorhees at (856) 566-3388.

READY How Long Can It Take To Complete Fire Restoration In My Voorhees Property?

6/4/2020 (Permalink)

burnt inside of home Let the SERVPRO team mitigate your fire damaged home in Voorhees. They will use the most updated equipment around.

With the Resources SERVPRO Offers, You Can Cut Down the Time it Takes to Restore Your Fire Damaged Property

Fire damage restoration may involve the removal of materials from your property or reversing damages caused by flames, heat, and smoke from a fire. The restoration process can take a few days or stretch out for several months before all traces of an incident disappear from your property. SERVPRO helps Voorhees property owners by availing skilled technicians and other resources necessary to complete the process with minimal complications, "Like it never even happened."

When should I expect a shorter fire restoration process in my Voorhees home?

Fixing a Voorhees property after fire damage takes several steps, which can be categorized into:

  • Emergency or containment
  • Teardown and rebuilding
  • Cleanup and drying
  • Deodorization

Emergency steps might range from moving valuables away from the property, boarding up openings on the roof or walls, to the application of oil or other protective products on surfaces to protect them from corrosive residues. The actual steps necessary depend on the intensity of the fire, so minor fire incidents can be resolved faster. For instance, stove flare-ups or other localized damages might only require cleanup and deodorization to resolve.

Does the initial response affect the speed of the restoration?

Before the restoration processes start in earnest, it is common to do some assessment of the damage and also take steps that help in safeguarding materials. Although such processes may seem trivial, how they are done can affect the main restoration processes. When our SERVPRO technicians assess your loss site, we try to establish issues such as:

  • The type of smokes residues on surfaces
  • The materials affected by the fire and firefighting processes
  • Whether there are salvageable items

An assessment helps reveal information that aids in planning the restoration process rather than hoping that no challenges develop later on. Some of the useful information includes establishing whether there are stubborn deposits such as fuel oil soot or protein residues deposited on surfaces since such materials require special cleaning approaches. The assessment also helps establish whether there are many unsalvageable materials at the loss site and thus making the appropriate disposal plans, including bringing enough trashcans and heavy-duty plastic bags to hold the waste before disposal. Combining these minor actions helps ensure convenience and thus speeds up the restoration process.

Which cleaning techniques work faster?

A wide range of cleaning methods can help remove residues, stains, and charring from surfaces or contents affected by the fire.  Cleaning methods can be narrowed down into four main categories:

  • Chemical action
  • Mechanical action
  • Lubrication
  • Dispersion and suspension

Although different methods have varying degrees of effectiveness, it is hard to pick a single method as the fastest because factors such as the type or condition of materials and the type of soils involved influence the outcome. From the advanced training our SERVPRO technicians have, we can assess a situation and pick a method that can produce results fast. For instance, cleaning unfinished wood in cabinets or structural supports can take considerable time because such surfaces are porous allowing residue penetration. The rough surfaces also reduce the effectiveness of conventional cleaning processes, such as wiping with cleaning sponges.

Our technicians overcome these challenges by using unique approaches. If we decide to wet clean such surfaces, we use denatured alcohol, which helps loosen residues while preventing penetrating through the pores of the material. We also use soda blasting, especially when cleaning trusses or other structural supports removing charring and stubborn residue layers faster. 

What determines the level of difficulty when removing residues?

Restoring surfaces to their preloss state can take longer if the residues do not come off quickly during cleaning. Residues adhere strongly to surfaces for various reasons. In scorching fires, air movements are more turbulent, so they push smoke residues at higher velocities against surfaces that lead to impingement of residues. Higher temperatures also open up pores on surfaces driving soils deeper into the surface.

Another factor that can lead to stubborn residues is the type of materials the fire affects. Synthetic materials produce wet smoke residues, which are challenging to deal with during cleaning. Such challenges can lengthen the restoration time. Our SERVPRO technicians utilize a wide scope of techniques to overcome the challenges, including using specially formulated cleaning agents and using automated tools, which offer better agitation.

Any uncertainty about restoring your fire-damaged property is easier to address with an experienced team by your side. Call SERVPRO of Haddon Heights / Voorhees at (856) 566-3388 to help. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Where Can I Get Help with Cleanup After a Washing Machine Overflow in Voorhees?

5/27/2020 (Permalink)

front load washing machine filled with clothes Washing machine failure can quickly cause a lot of water damage to your home. SERVPRO can restore your home. Call us today!

Disaster Mitigation Pros Offer 24/7 Water Cleanup for Voorhees Homes 

Washing machines can run with few issues for many years in your Voorhees residence. However, even with regular maintenance, supply lines can fail, or machines themselves can malfunction, leading to water spilling all over your laundry room floor. 

When your Voorhees home needs professional water cleanup, SERVPRO techs use cutting-edge equipment to return your home to a preloss condition. This team is also licensed to render general contracting services (license #HIC 13VH01276600). 

Troubleshooting Your Washing Machine 

For Top-load Washers: 

  • Check your unit for clogged or tilted overflow tubes if the leak is in the front. Make sure that the washing machine is not overloaded or off-balance.
  • For leaks in the back of the washer, try removing the manufacturer’s drain plug before reinstalling the drain hose. Improperly secured, loose, or clogged hoses can also create leaks.
  • If you notice water leaking from underneath your washing machine, there may be a hole in the water pump. 

For Front-Load Washers: 

  • Leaks coming from the front of your washer can come from something as simple as a soapy or damaged gasket or loose door hinges.
  • Rear leaks in front -load washers can often indicate the same issues as in top-load units. Oversudsing can also create leaks.
  • For leakage under your machine, check the seams of the inner and outer drums. 

SERVPRO Removes Water Damage and Odors 

SERVPRO techs focus on the extraction of moisture to ensure expedient drying that eliminates secondary water damage. We accomplish odor control in water damage situations with ultra-low volume fogging for widespread odors. For smaller-scale damages, applying EPA-registered biocides is often sufficient. 

SERVPRO of Haddon Heights / Voorhees has the tools to keep your home looking, “Like it never even happened.” You can call (856) 566-3388 24/7 for your mitigation needs.

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Can I Use Fans to Help Dry My Haddon Heights Home After A Flood?

5/22/2020 (Permalink)

living room flooded with floating chair and no one above After a flood or any other disaster in your home, contact SERVPRO of Haddon Heights / Voorhees at (856) 566-3388 any time, day or night.

SERVPRO Technicians Use High-Velocity Air Movers in Haddon Heights

While you can use regular box fans and ceiling fans to circulate airflow following a flood in your Haddon Heights home, professional equipment generally provides better and faster outcomes. Another consideration is that there may be electrical issues after a flood, so turning on a fan near water or when you are unsure of the electrical integrity of your wiring may not be a good idea.

How Does Air Movement Help After a Flood?

Air Movers Enhance Evaporation at the Surface Level
After removing contaminated materials and category 3 (black) floodwater, the next step in flood damage restoration is to dry your house in Haddon Heights. Using air movers in conjunction with dehumidifiers fosters evaporation, which shortens drying time, which in turn reduces secondary damage such as warped flooring or mold growth.

What is the Difference Between an Air Mover and a Regular Fan?

    •    Air movers draw minimum amps despite using strong centrifugal force.
    •    They are usually equipped with a convenience outlet and circuit breaker for daisy-chaining multiple air movers across a room.
    •    They speed drying time due to their high velocity.
    •    They target surface level, replacing dense highly-saturated air with dryer air, making for quicker evaporation.

Air movers an essential piece for the restoration process after a flood. They provide a quicker dryer time, enabling restoration specialists to move on with their other work within the home in a timely fashion. They also target surface level, an area of particular concern in flood-damaged homes. Often, technicians can save flooring directly through drying the surface, making air movement critical at the floor level.

After a flood or any other disaster in your home, contact SERVPRO of Haddon Heights / Voorhees at (856) 566-3388 any time, day or night. We make it, “Like it never even happened.”

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