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Water Damage In My Voorhees Server Room

6/1/2022 (Permalink)

Electronics With Water Exposure Need Special Handling.

A data center is the lifeblood of any business or organization. When a water damage event happens, that involves this area of the building, and it is crucial to get professional cleanup services as quickly as possible to ensure the best outcome. Water leaves behind minerals that have the potential to deteriorate circuit boards, and prolonged exposure to high levels of moisture can play havoc with the equipment. Common losses incurred from damage to servers include:

  • Loss of customer data and information critical to daily operations
  • Failure of internal communications
  • Corruption of important documents

What is the Best Process for Commercial Water Removal in a Data Center?

SERVPRO technicians have extensive experience handling commercial water removal in Voorhees properties that affect their computer equipment, including server racks and data centers. The techs use portable pumps most often to extract the water from within a structure. The ease of mobility allows them to move around angles and corners to ensure all the moisture gets removed.

The most traditional data center set up involves numerous servers and switches stacked on rack units. This setup is ideal for maintenance; however, when there is a water loss event such as a pipe break in a ceiling, this can incur large amounts of loss as water runs down through the rack.

What Should Happen First After Water Damage in a Server Room?

Some preliminary actions property owners can take to limit the loss before the techs arrive is:

    •    Turn off electricity to the loss area
    •    Move out server racks if it is safe to do so
    •    Avoid "testing" equipment

The technicians can remove the equipment to a safe area and arrange for an industry professional to inspect and test equipment and recommend any repairs needed before reuse.

General Tactics After Water Loss in a Data Center

It is not unusual for structural elements in the server room to require removal due to damage. Sheetrock wicks moisture rapidly, and once it begins to buckle or warp, it needs disposal as a loss. Depending on the type of flooring, it may lose adhesion to the substrate and need to get removed for drying and cleaning. Industrial carpets are commonly used as flooring in data centers and usually have a rubber backing. This type of floor covering often has one of the best outcomes after a water loss as it is made to repel liquids and usually has the potential for reuse after drying and cleaning. SERVPRO techs inspect these items for the potential for restoration through cleaning methods and reuse. With their general contractor's license #HIC 13VH01276600, the techs have the knowledge and expertise to rebuild any part of the building that water loss damaged.

Drying the loss area usually involves the use of air movers in tandem with dehumidification equipment. In cases where seepage occurred into the subfloor, the techs deploy drying mats to dry the flooring rapidly. Afterward, they clean the areas with professional-grade cleaners to leave the room disinfected and deodorized.  This inhibits the potential for any type of musty water odors remaining within the space.

Monitoring the Drying Process is Important
Highly humid conditions are bad for computer equipment, and during the drying process, the technicians carefully monitor the water vapor levels in the air with their equipment. This attention to detail helps ensure that the interior humidity levels get returned to levels conducive to a good operating environment for both people and equipment. Until the room verifies as attaining drying goals, the final step for cleaning and making any repairs cannot occur.

Avoiding Water Loss Problems in the Future
Once the mitigation efforts complete, SERVPRO technicians give property owners a tour of the loss area and go over actions taken, repairs that got done, and if anything further should get done to restore the data center room to full functionality completely. This information gets compiled into a report that includes photos and detailed descriptions to assist property owners in expediting any insurance claims.

The techs can recommend preventative measures for avoiding water loss issues in the future by taking actions such as waterproofing the server room or the installation of environmental monitoring. This equipment alerts property owners whenever there is a change, such as elevated moisture levels, smoke, or chemicals detected in the immediate area.

SERVPRO of Haddon Heights / Voorhees at (856) 566-3388 has the training and equipment to deal with any size commercial water removal in local businesses. Call us today and get your business cleaned, dried, and back to normal.

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